Monday, June 11, 2007

Robin Guthrie in Chile (Unfortunately i was in the worst show: La Batuta)

As a Cocteau Twins fan, i went to Robin Guthrie's concerts in Santiago (Chile). Robin played 3 concerts. Unfortunately i went to the worst of them. It's not about robin's playing, but the place: La Batuta.

The was not a good show. Many imperfections from the tech people, the movie doesn't look quite well in the bedsheet, Robin interrupted a song in the middle of it, told something about the light to the person who was in charge, something about the sound, every body was smoking as they couldn't do it in the rest of their lives, very very annoying place.. and you were not comfortable with it ... it shows ..and at the end.. the movie was over and Robin still playing .. when stop playing, left your guitar, make a expression like "sorry for this..", and went away .. everybody ask: this is it? it's over?, not a word to the audience like "thanks for coming" or " sorry about the imperfections", nothing ..I was a little disappointed.

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